Water Conservation

Water ConservationAs owners of over 300 acres of parkland in the Camarillo area, and living in a semi-arid region, we rely upon water imported from hundreds of miles away. Using water wisely and efficiently is always a priority of the District.

To help conserve water and reduce utility costs, we made improvements to our landscaping and equipment.

Listed below are just a few of the park improvements being made in your areas:

  • The removal and replacement of passive use turf in low traffic areas, utilizing drought tolerant plants, and the use of low participation irrigation such as drip irrigation or low precipitation stream spray sprinkler heads.
  • Installation of low precipitating irrigation heads and frequent irrigation inspections to minimize irrigation runoff.
  • The integration of “Smart” irrigation controllers that have the capabilities of adjusting water run times, shutting down the water supply if a water line break is detected and has the capability of sending alerts when the system alarms or malfunctions.

To minimize evaporation, irrigation is generally performed after 9:00pm and before 7:00am.

Water ConservationWith these upgrades and improvements, the District has reduced overall water consumption by 15%. Our goal is to have a 20% reduction by Fall 2014.

Some improvements can be seen at the Community Center and Freedom Center entrances.

Stop by our Parks Department Office located in Freedom Park or give us a call at (805) 482-5396 if you have any questions on these improvements.

For more water conservation and drought information click the link below.