Ordinance for Park Usage Rules

Ordinance No. 9
Governing the Use of Parks, Recreation Areas & Facilities
An Ordinance of the Board of Directors of the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District amending Article 2 Section 234 of Ordinance No. 8 (as amended January 2018) regulating the use of the District Skate Park

Ordinance No. 9 Adopted 7-5-2018

Ordinance No. 8

Governing the Use of Parks, Recreation Areas & Facilities

The purpose of these provisions is to provide rules to govern the use of District parks, recreation areas, and facilities in order that all persons may enjoy and make use of such parks and buildings and to protect the rights of all concerned.

If any provision or clause of this Ordinance or the application thereof is held invalid or unconstitutional, such declaration shall not affect the other provisions or application and, to this end, the provisions of these ordinances are declared to be severable.

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Ordinance No. 8 Adopted 1-3-2018