Swim Lesson FAQs

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Swim Lesson FAQs

Can I get in the water during my child’s swim lessons?

No, unless the child is enrolled in a Parent and Child swim lesson level. Parents are welcome to watch their child’s lesson from the pool deck. Benches and chairs are provided.

Can I register for swim lessons at the Aquatic Center?

Yes, however if a manager is not present at the time you arrive, your registration may not be entered right away.  In-person registration is always best at our District Office.

How do I register for a class?

There are several ways to register for classes: Register online, complete a registration form and mail-in or drop-off at PVRPD District Office at 1605 E. Burnley St., or call the District Office at (805) 482-1996.

Learn more about registering for classes. 

How do I request an instructor?

When registering online there is a section for “Notes” where you can request specific instructors or female/male instructors. If you register over the phone, please let a customer service representative know of your request before the registration is complete and he/she will note the request. If you register using our registration form you may write the request on the line provided for notes.

How much do swim lessons cost?

Group swim lessons cost between $39.00 and $62.00. Private swim lessons cost between $79.00 and $139.00. Refer to our Swim Lesson Schedule for exact fees for the current season.

If my child misses a class can I schedule a make-up lesson?

Unfortunately, if your child misses a class we cannot schedule a make-up lesson. Failure to attend a class, or “no shows,” will not be granted a refund, transfer or make-up lesson.

My child cannot attend all swim classes during a session. Can I get a make-up lesson or reduced price?

You may still enroll your child in a session knowing you will miss lessons. However, no refunds, transfers, or make-up lessons will be offered. You may contact a manager to see if they are able to offer a prorated fee. Prorated fees are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of a manager.

My child has special needs, medical conditions, allergies etc. How can I notify their swim instructor?

On the paper registration form and online there is a section for “Notes.” You may list any medical conditions here. Information will be kept private and only management, your child’s instructor, and depending on the severity of the condition, lifeguards, will be notified of the information provided in your note. When registering over the phone, you may inform a customer service representative who will include the information in the registration notes..

My child is not potty trained. What should they wear in the water?

Children who are not potty trained must wear a swimming diaper and plastic/ vinyl briefs with full elastic legs and waist over their swim diaper. Reusable briefs are available for purchase at the Aquatic Center.

My child is potty trained; does he/she have to wear a swim diaper?

No, but it is recommended children recently potty trained wear swim diapers and plastic pants as identified below, at least the first few times in the pool while they get accustomed to being in the water environment.

What if I register my child for the wrong level? Can I change levels?

If the session has not yet begun, you may transfer your child to a different level by calling the District Office and a customer service representative will transfer your child to the correct level. On the first day of lessons a child can be moved to the correct level with approval from management and both instructors, and if the level is offered and has not yet reached maximum enrollment. If the session has already begun, you must speak with your child’s instructor. Learn more about class registration

What if my child is younger than the age minimum for a swim lesson? Can I still enroll him in that level?

If your child is younger than the age minimum, but meets all the requirements for a particular level, you may enroll him/her in that level, but you must do so in person or over the phone. A completed registration form with exact cash, check, or credit card information will be accepted at the Aquatic Center. Please note it may take longer for the registration to be completed this way since the form must be taken to the District Office.  We recommend you register directly through the District Office or online. Learn more about class registration

What level should my child be in for swim lessons?

When gauging what level to place your child in for swim lessons it is best to start with a lower level to build confidence. If it has been more than 3 months since your child has taken lessons we recommend your child repeat the last level they took, even if they passed the level. For detailed level descriptions please refer to the Swim Lesson Level Descriptions. Please use these descriptions as a guide for selecting which level is right for your child. For more information call the Aquatic Center at (805) 987-8198 or the District Office at (805) 482-1996.

Where can I purchase swim diapers and/or the required plastic pants with elastic legs?

Reusable plastic pants with elastic legs and an elastic waist can be purchased at the Aquatic Center for $10.  Please know your child's approximate weight for correct sizing. Swim diapers can be purchased at most supermarkets, drug stores, WalMart, Target, etc.