Refund & Make-Up Policy

Swim Lesson Refund & Make-Up Lesson Policy

Swim Lesson Refund

Please plan your schedule carefully in order to keep transfers and refunds to a minimum. If a refund or transfer is needed, requests must be made one week prior to the start date of the class. This allows us time to find a replacement for your space in the class, complete the necessary paperwork and time to notify the instructor. Refunds will not be granted after the class begins and failure to attend a class or “no shows” will not be granted a refund, a pro-rated rate, transfer or make-up class/lesson. Refunds and transfers will be charged $10.

We do understand that on a rare occasion, you may miss a lesson do to uncontrollable circumstances and would like to reschedule a class. We will make every effort to work with you to reschedule this particular lesson. Due to the popularity of our lesson program, instructor availability and pool space, we may not be able to schedule a make-up lesson for you or your child.

To request a refund or transfer contact the District Office by calling 805-482-1996 x 10, 11, 12 or 13.