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Aquatics Programs & ClassesAquacize

Enjoy a low-impact aerobic workout taught by an instructor. Achieve your fitness goals whether they include weight loss, improving range of motion, or general well being, with a cardio and resistance workout.

Pay a single entry fee or purchase a Splash Pass.

Note: The weekday morning Water Exercise Class is different and requires a Fitness Pass for entry. See schedule for times and fees.

Water Exercise

Work at your own pace and enjoy all the benefits of land aerobics without the impact on your bones and joints. This class is taught primarily in the shallow water and incorporates cardio, sculpting, and strength training by using noodles, water dumbbells, and the natural resistance of water. This class will help you achieve your fitness goals, whether it is weight loss, improving range of motion, or general well-being (Single entry fee of $7.00 or purchase of a Water Exercise Pass required for entry).

Water Exercise Classes Featured in the Camarillo Acorn 

Therapeutic Swim

This time is for individuals who are not able to lap swim or participate in more advanced exercise classes due to physical reasons. Therapeutic Swim is for individual exercise and is not led by an instructor. This swim time is shared with other programs.

Lap Swim

Lap swimming times are available throughout the week (refer to pool schedule). Lap swimming times are open to all ages, as long as you can swim continually. During busy times we encourage sharing a lane or circle swimming.

Aquatics Programs & Classes

Structured Swim Workout

Instructed by coaches from Rincon Racing Triathlon Club, this workout class is designed to improve swim fitness and technique with specific drills for swimmers and triathletes.  Must be able to swim freestyle for a continuous swim of at least 10 minutes.

Recreation / Family Swim

Come slide down our 65-foot Water Slide (7+ years old) and jump as high as you can on our Diving Board!  (Please note: For general safety, all patrons must pass a swim test before going down the slide or jumping off the diving board).

During Recreational Swim the lifeguards will be calling 5 to 10 minute bathroom breaks. During this time no patrons will be allowed in the pool.
Friday Break: 7:30pm
Saturday Breaks: 12:55pm and 1:55pm

Toddler Time

This time is set aside for toddlers and their parent to enjoy swimming in a unstructured environment. Active in-water supervision is required. Enjoy toys in the shallow water near the stairs (Program offered Fall, Winter and Spring).

Children who are not potty trained must wear a swimming diaper and plastic/vinyl briefs (diaper cover) with elastic around the legs and waist. This swim time is shared with other programs.

PV Swim Team

Join the Pleasant Valley Swim Team and practice year-round!
Contact us at (805) 768-4846. 


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