Skate Park Rules

  1. Skating and riding is a Hazardous Activity – skate or ride at your own risk.
  2. The skate park is for skateboarding, in-line skates, scooters and non-motorized bicycles only. Heelies and wave boards are not allowed in the skate park.
  3. All users must wear a well maintained commercially manufactured helmet that is securely fastened at all times. Failure to properly wear a helmet will result in loss of park privileges. Helmets are not available for loan or rent.
  4. All users must present a current Skate Pass prior to entry into the facility.
  5. Glass containers and food are not allowed inside the skate park. Only clear plastic bottles of water may be brought into the park and must be disposed of in the trash cans provided.
  6. Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are not allowed in the skate park. Being under the influence of alcohol/drugs while in the park is prohibited.
  7. Animals are not allowed inside the skate park.
  8. No graffiti, tagging, littering, stickers or other items are allowed in the skate park. Graffiti/vandalism of the skate park will result in a minimum 48 hour facility closure.
  9. Fighting, profanity, and other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and may result in the loss of Skate Park Pass, facility privileges or facility closure.
  10. Amplified music, radios, stereos, CD players, speakers, etc. are not allowed in the skate park, unless provided and approved by PVRPD.
  11. Unauthorized obstacles, materials, or other pieces of equipment are not allowed in the park.
  12. All equipment used by participants must be in good working condition and not damage the skate park or structures.
  13. Spectators are not allowed in the bowl, on the stairs or on other skating features. Spectators should remain close to the fence and not interfere with skating. No sitting while inside the skate park. Spectators may be asked to view skaters from outside of the facility during peak times. This is a decision of the on-duty staff.
  14. The skate park will be closed during inclement weather or when the skating surface is wet or unsafe to use.
  15. All users must be properly clothed consisting of a shirt, pants or shorts and closed toed shoes.
  16. Anytime the skate park is locked, it is considered closed. Entry into the skate park while closed will be considered trespassing and penalties could result.
  17. The Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items while using the facility.
  18. The District and its employees reserve the right to change, modify and update these rules and facility hours without notice and as needed.
Skate Park Rules

Park Etiquette & Courtesy

  1. Be courteous to others and welcome new participants. Give everyone a chance to skate or ride.
  2. Skate and ride under control and at your own level at all times.
  3. Do not throw or launch skateboard, bike, inline skates, helmet, equipment or other items.
  4. All trash must be placed in the trash can. Respect your park and others. Clean up after yourself!
  5. Profanity and/or abusive language, fighting and/or disruptive behavior is prohibited and may result in a fine, citation, loss of Skate Park Pass, or removal from the park and/or all District property.
  6. The Skate Park may be closed by staff for the following reasons:
    • Rain 
    • Park Damage       
    • Graffiti/Vandalism
    • Maintenance Needs
    • Unacceptable User Behavior
    • Continual Violation of Park Rules
    • Other Reasons as Determined by Staff
Skate Park Rules

Bicycle Checklist

  1. Is your bike right for our park?  Types - Only BMX or Freestyle Bikes are allowed in the facility. Mountain bikes, tandem bikes, 10 speeds, trail bikes or other types of bikes will not be allowed.
  2. Handlebars – Must have end caps or grips that cover the end of the bars.
  3. Pedals – Must be aluminum or plastic.
  4. Pegs – Pegs may be used as long as they are either plastic or aluminum with capped ends. Pegs with holes, grip tape, grooves, or any other type of surface other than smooth aluminum with capped ends or plastic may not be used.
  5. Brakes – All bikes must have at least one functioning brake.
  6. Kickstands – Bikes with kickstands will not be allowed.
  7. Gears – Bikes with multiple gears, and/or moving suspensions are not allowed.
  8. Attachments -Bikes with toe clips, training wheels, baskets, or other types of carrying compartments will not be allowed