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Sports Fields & Facility Rentals

To reserve a fields for games, tournaments or other events complete an Application for Permit - Athletic Fields

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To reserve a field, court or facility for your team or event, you must follow these simple requirements:

·   When an organization rents District facilities it is required that a certificate of insurance is on file at the District Office, with the endorsement page attached. The certificate must carry a minimum liability limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence, a 30-day cancellation clause, and the endorsement page attached with the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District named as the Additional Insured. You should contact your insurance agent and have the certificate and endorsement page mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to the District Office.

·   Complete the required Application for Permit – Athletic Fields (The costs of the field will include an Administrative Fee, an hourly rate for field, hourly cost for lights, base rental and field prep fee and if needed, additional staff costs. If this is a large event, such as a tournament, please contact the Sports Supervisor at (805) 482-1996 x 108.

If the fields are available, your payment is received, insurance is completed and on file at the District Office and your application is granted a Permit Number, then your reservation will be confirmed.

It is recommended that you reserve your practice field at least 14 days prior to the rental date.  For tournaments or larger events staff needs at least 30 days’ notice.

 Bob Kildee Community Park

·         Bob Kildee Community Park is located at 1030 Temple Avenue in the middle of Camarillo.

·         12.95 acres of park space.

·         The park was built in 1969 and renamed Bob Kildee Park in 2011.

·         Eight youth baseball fields, with three lighted fields and a snack bar.

·         Indoor aquatic center located in the park area.

·         Six tennis courts and two pickleball courts with lights.

·         12,000 square foot skate park.

·         Modern playground.

·         Two restrooms, picnic area that holds up to 200 people and smaller picnic area for 25 people

 Freedom Gymnasium

·         Freedom Gymnasium is located at 224 Willis Road near the Camarillo Airport.

·         The gym, is hosts District programs such as Table Tennis for seniors, Open Play Basketball for ages 50+, Open Play Pickleball and Open Play Badminton for all ages.

·         For more information on these programs visit “Open Play.”

·         Freedom Gym has a bench on both sides of the gym for spectators. There are men’s and women’s restrooms located beyond the south wall.

·         The gym may be reserved by contacting the District Office at 805-482-1996.

·         Hourly rates, an administrative fee, cleaning fee and if necessary an alcohol insurance fee may be included.

Freedom Park

·         The Freedom Park Sports Complex is located at 275 E. Pleasant Valley Road within the Camarillo Airport.

·         33.86 acres of park space.

·         The Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District received Freedom Park in 1976 and opened the Freedom Park Baseball Complex in February 2013.

·         The Freedom Park Baseball Complex features lighted baseball fields - four youth and one adult and a snack bar. 

·         This complex is mainly used by Camarillo PONY Baseball Association.

·         Lighted multi-use open space for sports.

·         Freedom Park Inline Hockey with 185’ x 85’ dimensions and sports lighting.

·         Freedom Park BMX Track with an approximate 900 foot track.

·         Roadrunner Remote Control Track for off-road and on-road cars.

·         Picnic area that holds up to 200 people.

·         This baseball complex is closed for rest and turf renovation for approximately 4-5 weeks every August. Call 482-1996 or check back at a later date for closure periods.


Mission Oaks Park

·         Mission Oaks Park is located at 5501 Mission Oaks Boulevard on the east end of Camarillo.

·         20.2 acres of park space.

·         Built in 1983 and redeveloped in 1996.

·         Three fenced and lighted softball fields with a snack bar.

·         Six tennis courts with lights.

·         Modern playground and 3 medium picnic areas holding 60 people in each area.

·         An open space dog park during non-school hours.  

Pleasant Valley Fields 

·         Pleasant Valley Fields is located 152 West Park Court off the 101 Freeway in Camarillo.

·         55 acres of park space.

·         Opened in 2010

·         Multiple soccer field space with four light zones that light up six soccer fields and a snack bar. Three softball fields with lights and no fences.

·         Meeting Room that holds up to 50 people.

·         Modern playground.

·         This soccer complex is closed for rest and turf renovation for approximately 4-5 weeks every spring, summer and winter. Call 482-1996 or check field conditions for closure periods.