Skatepark FAQs


Can I drop my children off?
That is up to your discretion/ judgment. The Skatepark is supervised but children are free to come and go as they desire.

Can I film/ photograph?
It depends on the size and nature of your event. You may need to fill out an outdoor application, special event permit, and/or reservation form.

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Can I skate or ride for free?
Yes. Only during special events which are held throughout the year and are free to the public.

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Do bikes and skateboards ride at the same time?
No. There are separate times for biking and skating.
Click here for our current schedule.

Do I need to wear a helmet and/or pads?
Yes. A helmet must be worn at all times while riding. Pads are suggested but not required.

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Do you have any contests?
Check our Special Events to find upcoming Skatepark Events.

Do you offer skateboard or BMX lessons?
Yes we do.
Find out more here or in our Activity Guide.

How do I rent the Skate Park?
Contact the Main Office at (805) 482-1996 for rental inquires. You will need to complete the Special Event Application and provide a certificate of Insurance. Contact the Sports Division at (805) 482-1996 for more information.

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How much does it cost to skate/ride?
You must have a pass to enter the park. You may purchase a annual pass for $20 at the Community Center (1605 E. Burnley St.), or purchase a day pass for $5 at the Skatepark. When buying a pass at the Skatepark please have exact change. A parent supervising the child(ren) may enter the park for free.

Find out more and Download the Annual Pass Application

I have a comment/ suggestion/ question.
Call (805) 482-1996

What can I ride in the Skate Park?
Skateboard, BMX style Bikes, scooters, and Rollerblades/ In-Line Skates only. No heelies, no street bikes, and no mountain bikes.

When is the Skate Park open?
Click here to view our current schedule.

Where is the Skate Park located?
At Bob Kildee Community Park
1030 Temple Avenue
Camarillo CA 93010
next to the Pleasant Valley Aquatic Center