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Adult Slow Pitch Softball Leagues

The Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District offers three softball seasons (spring, summer and fall) each year.

The leagues are 10 week seasons, unless otherwise stated. Softball leagues are offered for Men’s and Coed Leagues.

Nights of play are:

Men’s Leagues - Monday through Thursday
Coed Leagues– Friday night and Sunday evenings


Divisions for men are in descending order from upper to lower level:

  • C-2 league (middle)
  • C-1 league (lowest)
  • Men's Open on Thursdays only with composite bats

Games are played at Pleasant Valley Fields for men’s and coed leagues.
Coed is also played at Mission Oaks Park on Fridays and Sundays. This location hosts the lowest level of coed teams.

You must have a completed roster which includes:

  • Necessary information regarding players. (addresses & form of ID)
  • Each player's signature on the back of the roster.
  • Manager’s information and signature.

Complete registration fee:

  • Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card or American Express accepted
  • All teams - $390 per team + $15 per game umpire fee

*If a team that returns was deemed to have been a higher caliber team in the previous league, the league director has the right to move that team up a division. The same goes for a team that may be of a lower caliber, the league director may put that team in a lower division.

At the end of the registration period, the league director will make the schedules and post on Team Sideline after completing all of the leagues.

If you are an individual player looking to get on a team click here.

Schedules and scores are posted regularly at Team Sideline. Just click on the league you are in and the score of the previous night’s game will show the results of the game.

Field Conditions

In the event that rain, fog, fire/smoke, equipment failure, emergencies or other situations may jeopardize that night’s games please call the Field Condition line at (805) 482-1996 ext 108 for an up to date field condition or check the Field Conditions page.


To reserve a field for practice, all current registered softball teams may reserve the following softball fields for practice based on field availability for a) Pleasant Valley Fields 1, 2 & 3; b) Mission Oaks Park 1, 2 & 3.

The team manager or a team member must fill out a field reservation form in the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District office at 1605 E. Burnley Street, Camarillo.

To reserve a field or softball fields for games, tournaments or other events, please complete a Reservation Form and read the Tournament Information Packet. A meeting with the Sports Supervisor will need to be set up by appointment.